Covid Testing

The Molecular Laboratory Section at Ndlovu Research Laboratory contributes in a major way to the control of COVID-19.

The SARS-CoV-2 PCR testing is a major functionality the Ndlovu Research Laboratory has, contributing to the diagnostics in our area. The PCR testing is not only offered as an assistance to the National Health Laboratory Services (for which our lab is an overflow lab) but also to the mining industry to keep COVID-19 out of the workplace. It is a major contribution we can provide to control of the spread of COVID-19. With the assistance of GIZ (German Development Cooperation) and two local South African Mines, Ndlovu has been enabled to perform up to 1500-2000 PCR tests per day.

The equipment is fortunately very versatile and can also be used for PCR testing of HIV (Viral Load monitoring) and other PCR tests for viruses.

Since June 2021 our SARS-CoV-2 PCR test panel has been expanded with Flu A & B, RSV and Adenoviruses in order to distinguish between COVID-19 and a “common Flu”. Very useful as South Africa is currently in winter and a lot of patients have flu symptoms imitating COVID-19. With these Multi panels, we are able to distinguish between these diagnoses.