Construction Ndlovu Research Laboratory

In May 2019 the wonderful approval to upgrade our Research Laboratory was given.

The AHC2 Foundation, the AIDS Fonds and The AmsterdamDinner Foundation make a dream come through. Ndlovu Research Department  has started on its upgrade to a full-fledged Molecular Laboratory which will grant us to more extensive research in virology and immunology. Ndlovu Research Department also engaged in a relationship with a Korean Company called Seegene Pty Ltd fto further specific molecular research on a multi PCR platform.

All very excited steps forward to mature our laboratory and to further especialy HIV related studies.

It is expected that the deliverance of all equipment will be realised before the end of Q3, 2019 and that the lab will then be functional.

Hopefully NRC will one day also be able to say : “That small steps for men, mean huge steps forward for mankind”.